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portable oxygn concentrator for beauty

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Special Features:


1. Oxygen maker SB-G8002 to make you live in a cleaner, fresher and highly oxygenated environment

2. Oxygen generator uses air as the source, therefore causing no pollution to the environment

3. Great for you and your loved ones

4. Everyone should have an oxygen generator in their car

While driving alone in your car, you can inhale pure oxygen by wearing a headset

5. High density oxygen improves brain functions

6. Fill your lungs with pure and fresh oxygen



Creates anions:

Purification of air

Removal of dust and bacteria

Activation of cells

Promotion of immunity

Control of autonomic nerve system




Packing size: 355 x 205 x 445mm, 5.4kg

3 units/630 x 365 x 465mm carton, 17.7kg

Units per 20-foot container: 810pcs (270ctn)